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Marie Curie: the fight goes on

Céline Giustranti
Marie Curie was born 150 years ago, on November 7, 1867. The woman who founded Institut Curie in 1909 left an indelible trace: she remains a source of inspiration in particular for the members of Institut Curie who continue her fight.
campagne 150 ans Marie Curie

To pay tribute to its founder but also to remind us that her struggle remains an issue of vital importance, Institut Curie is launching a poster campaign from October 17 to November 23 at the gare de Lyon and gare Montparnasse train stations in Paris, on the Paris region buses and all around France and in the media, with spots provided free of charge by our partners.

At the heart of this campaign lies a strong message: “the fight goes on”. Four words that remind us that the life’s work of Marie Curie - a pioneer in the fight against cancer - today remains a burning issue.

Engagement, involvement, curiosity, a pioneering spirit and humanity are all terms that describe Marie Curie’s efforts, and they continue to inspire Institut Curie and its members.

Since Marie Curie’s time, everything has changed except the essentials

Marie Curie is an inexhaustible source of inspiration and a model that all employees at Institut Curie talk about with pride, Prof. Thierry Philip, President of Institut Curie reminds us: the values that Marie Curie stood for and defended throughout her life continue to motivate us, and we all remain in awe of the resolution, energy and efficiency of this woman. Her constant advocacy for free science in the interests of all, engaged and international, lies at the heart of our project.

This campaign is a perfect opportunity to pay tribute to the founder of Institut Curie and to show that the Curie spirit is more alive than ever at Institut Curie. The Curie spirit is all about looking beyond the scientific discovery and imagining all the possible applications, from radioactivity.... to radiotherapy for example. Thanks to this philosophy, Institut Curie is always at the forefront of treatments against cancer.

“The Curie model paves the way to the oncology of the future, in France and throughout the world, including the United States where Comprehensive Cancer Centers are taking hold”, explains Prof. Thierry Philip, President of Institut Curie. “In other words, integrated sites that are known as the “backbone” of the most innovative cancer research and care. Institut Curie always strives to take this model even further, as demonstrated by the newly-created Cancer immunotherapy center. By bringing together physicians and researchers in the same place, new ground is being broken as they step up the pace of discoveries and progress to benefit patients.”

Find out more about the campaign

From October 17 to November 13, 2017, Institut Curie will be displaying its posters at gare de Lyon (hall 2) and gare de Montparnasse train stations in Paris, and on the right side of the Paris region bus fleet from November 3 to November 9.

This campaign visual will be published in the French daily Libération on November 7, in 20 minutes on November 6 and in the journal Marianne and Figaro Magazine. The campaign will also be online and on social networks. In addition to this information, the campaign poster will be developed on the Institut Curie website.

There will also be a variety of spaces donated free of charge by media concerns connected to Institut Curie’s foundation serving the public interest.