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A Brain Metastases Research Platform to Tackle the Challenge of CNS Metastases in Solid Tumours - BrainStorm Program
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Despite some encouraging data, systemic treatment of CNS metastases from solid tumors remains experimental.;Better knowledge on the evolving epidemiology and biology of BM are key elements for the development of new treatment strategies and identification of promising therapeutic targets for new compounds. Further biological findings may help to better understand the heterogeneity between the primary tumor and the CNS metastases and to identify new targets for therapy thus improving patients' outcome.;In this context, the Oncodistinct network and the Jules Bordet institute propose to build a multidisciplinary Brain Metastases Clinical Research Platform called BrainStorm. The BrainStorm program will focus on patients with newly diagnosed non-CNS metastatic solid tumors with high risk of developing CNS metastases and will allow building a large clinico pathological database for CNS metastases including ctDNA analyzes from CSF samples. Substudies will be proposed at each time-period with the final objective to develop innovative treatment approaches and strategies.