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Appareil pulmonaire
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Phase III randomized trial of atezolizumab in elderly patients with advanced Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer and receiving monthly carboplatin with weekly paclitaxel chemotherapy
Description de l'essai

Non Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) remains the leading cause of death by cancer in the world. Because of the increase in lung cancer incidence with age and the increase of life expectancy, about half of the patients are patients aged 70 or older. Several clinical trials have shown the interest of adding immunotherapy to standard 1st line chemotherapy in NSCLC. Although in these studies there was not necessarily a higher age limit, in fact the proportion of included patients aged 75 or older remains low (between 7 and 10%). It is therefore necessary to conduct a trial dedicated to these patients in order to determine whether immunotherapy is as effective and tolerated as in the general population