Institut Curie’s key progress for the future of oncology

Researchers and physicians from Institut Curie are once again distinguishing themselves for the 2022 edition of the meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), from April 8 to 13 in New Orleans, USA. They are presenting very encouraging and ground-breaking work and results in the fight against cancer, including changes of practice in the treatment of lung cancer, new therapeutic options in triple negative breast cancer, new hormone therapy in breast cancer, discoveries and applications in immuno-oncology, bio-informatic analyses and the study of the effect of comedications in breast cancer…
AACR 2022

- Lung cancer: a new treatment combining immunotherapy and chemotherapy, already approved in the USA

- Hormone-dependent breast cancer: working towards a new hormone therapy targeting the progesterone receptors

- Triple-negative breast cancer: a new drug candidate molecule and the search for molecular signatures predictive of the effectiveness of chemotherapy

- Immuno-oncology: a new bio-medication to deflect the anti-viral response against tumors, work to understand the role of dendritic cells and of the tumor micro-environment in responses to immunotherapy, and the analysis of biomarkers in primary tumors and metastases

- Targeted therapies: promising progress in ENT cancers and Ewing sarcoma, precision medicine in pediatric cancers

- Big data and bioinformatics: real-world oncology data and effect of comedications in breast cancer

For this new AACR meeting, the quality of the work presented by Institut Curie is testament to the excellence of the research conducted by the research teams. This key meeting of the international scientific community creates emulation which will, without a doubt, boost or expand productive collaborations with our teams, to further worldwide research in oncology“, enthuses Prof. Alain Puisieux, Director of the Institut Curie Research Center.

Prof. Steven Le Gouill, Director of the Institut Curie Hospital Group, adds: “New drug candidates, treatment combinations, unique therapeutic strategies... the results presented by Institut Curie’s physicians and researchers are extremely promising. They are proof of the incredible acceleration of oncological research and the development of innovations that I am convinced will benefit patients“.

All the details on the results presented by Institut Curie at the AACR 2022

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