Oncology services specifically for international patients

Alizée Lacroix
Institut Curie’s international services are designed for foreign patients suffering from cancer who need an opinion, more details about their cancer, or treatment. Our services are open to all and provided for a fee. We provide quotes that in most cases are covered by insurance.
Services pour les patients internationaux
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4 types of services are available for international patients.

First or second opinions

Your overall health status suggests a potential case of cancer. Your physician plans to have you undergo the initial exams required to diagnose it and would like to have you do them at Institut Curie. We encourage you to complete all the exams available in your home country before your first appointment at Institut Curie.

When cancer is found, the situation is a difficult one, raising many questions for the patient and his or her loved ones. In most cases, a response can be provided within the patient’s country of residence. Institut Curie is called upon for a second opinion which recommends the most suitable treatment for the patient’s condition.

This second opinion is given by a multidisciplinary medical team that discusses the case and recommends a solution. Multidisciplinary consultation meetings are held once a week. The cost of this opinion is €1000. Once the case file has been created and the fee paid, the file is sent to a multidisciplinary consultation meeting and the opinion is given. If the patient wishes, the cost of the recommended treatment can be attached to the report. Patients are free to begin their treatment in their home country or come to Institut Curie for treatment if a real value add exists and if funding is available for the recommended treatment.

To request a first or a second opinion, connect to the International Patients Web Platform.

Sample analysis

In most cases, when cancer is diagnosed, more information is needed about the exact nature of the cancer. There are many different types of breast and lung cancer, for example. Treatment may vary depending on the type of cancer. Laboratories studying cancer in different countries vary widely in their abilities, and not all of them are able to characterize cancers in the same way.

Institut Curie supports these laboratories or patients themselves in seeking a more detailed diagnosis. Our anatomic pathology, genetics, and immunology departments work together to characterize cancers and guide patients toward the best treatment options.

For us to characterize a cancer, the laboratory or patient must send us a paraffin wax block or slides containing a tumor sample. Complete analysis may take 3 weeks, and a set fee of €700 is charged.

To request a sample analysis, connect to the International Patients Web Platform.

Cancer treatment provided at Institut Curie

Institut Curie is a university hospital with a top-notch oncology department. It treats all types of cancer, including the rarest. It is possible to complete your entire course of care at Institut Curie.

In most cases, your cancer can be treated effectively in your home country. Institut Curie offers treatment combining surgery, radiotherapy, and medication depending on the patient’s needs. These treatments may complement the care you have already received. It is critically in your interest for us to coordinate with your team of caregivers in your home country. You will be provided with a detailed quote.

To receive treatment at Institut Curie, connect to the International Patients Web Platform.


Alongside the course of treatment you have agreed to receive at Institut Curie, the institute has partnered with C3Medical, a medical concierge company, to provide you with the additional services you will need during your stay. We have negotiated special conditions for our patients with C3Medical. The services available include scheduling appointments (medical or otherwise), organizing visits from care assistants and paramedical personnel, reserving various types of transportation and accommodations, purchasing and delivering medications and equipment, delivering meal trays, organizing visits by your friends and family, etc.

The list of services and rates is available by request. These services may be ordered and paid for directly by contacting +33 (0)1 40 82 97 57.

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- Phone: Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm at +33 (0)1 76 49 13 01

- Email: international.patient@curie.fr. Our teams will respond as quickly as possible.