Our Scientific Advisory Board

Sébastien Tallandier
Comprising internationally renowned researchers and physician-scientists in oncology, often leaders of major foreign research institutions, the Scientific Advisory Board supports the institute in its choices. It is chaired by Prof. Iain Mattaj.
Conseil scientifique Institut Curie

The Scientific Advisory Board takes part in strategic research decisions and in the initiatives taken or planned. Each year, this organization issues its recommendations to the Executive Board.


  • Prof. Iain Mattaj

Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board
Director General of EMBL in Heidelberg, Germany


  • Prof. Alain FISCHER

Vice-Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board

Professor at the Collège de France, Chair of Experimental

Medicine, Director of the Imagine Institute – Hôpital Necker (France)


  • Prof. Anton BERNS

The Netherlands Cancer Institute – Amsterdam, Netherlands


  • Prof. Robert BRISTOW

University of Manchester (United Kingdom)


  • Prof. Pascale Cossart

Professor, Pasteur Institute


  • Prof. Eileen E.M. Furlong

Professor, Head of the Genome Biology Unit, EMBL - Heidelberg (Germany)


  • Dr. Luca GIANNI, MD

Michelangelo Foundation, Milan

Head of the Department of Medical Oncology


  • Prof. Edith HEARD, PhD

EMBL Heidelberg

General manager of EMBL - European Molecular Biology Laboratory


  • Prof. Kai JOHNSSON

Max Planck Institute for Medical Research, Heidelberg (Germany)


  • Prof. Daniel LOUVARD

Honorary Director of the Curie Institute Research Center


  • Prof. Miriam MERAD

Precision Immunology Institute at Mount Sinai, New York (United States)


  • Prof. Angela NIETO 

Head of Developmental Neurobiology at the Institute of Neuroscience, CSIC-UMH à alicante (Spain). 


  • Prof. Paul Nurse

President of the Royal Society and Chief Executive of the UK Centre for Medical Research and Innovation (UK CMRI) - London, UK


  • Prof. Martine PICCART

Jules Bordet Institute, Bruxelles (Belgium)


  • Prof. Jody ROSENBLATT

King’s College, London (United Kingdom)


  • Prof. Charlie SWANTON

The Francis Crick Institute, CRUK, London (United Kingdom)


  • Prof. Marc VAN DE VIJVER

Professor of Pathology, Head of the Pathology Department, Academic Medical Center - Amsterdam, Netherlands)

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