Alizée Lacroix
Curie CoreTech was created in 2016, with a dedicated coordinator, as an umbrella for the technological platforms of the Research Centre, and provides a platform to communicate about, and respond to their needs, as an ensemble.
The platforms of Curie CoreTech offer access to cutting-edge technologies and services, and also provide comprehensive user training, to support research at the forefront of scientific and medical advances.
Recherche dans le laboratoire de Sebastian Amigorena

Recherche dans le laboratoire de Sebastian Amigorena, porteur du projet Centre d’immunothérapie de l’Institut Curie, dans le cadre du projet d’établissement 2015-2020.

Curie CoreTech today groups together 18 technological platforms (core facilities) and one service unit distributed at the Paris and Orsay campuses.

The list of platforms

In addition to the dedicated focus on serving Institut Curie, all platforms are open to collaborations with external users from both academia and industry. You may find out more about each platform at their dedicated websites, with the pertinent contact information.

You may also address your questions pertaining to the platforms to

1. Curie CoreTech

Coordinator: Lavanya Premvardhan


  • Philippe Hupe, Nicolas Servant (Platform Managers)
  • Emmanuel Barillot (Scientific Director)

BioPhenics (IBiSA)

  • Elaine Del Nery (Platform Manager)
  • Jacques Camonis (Scientific Director)
  • Philippe Benaroch (Scientific Director)
  • Franck Perez (Scientific Director)

Cell & Tissue Imaging Paris (IBiSA)
Coordinators: Daniel Lévy and Olivier Renaud

  • Olivier Renaud (Platform Manager - Light Microscopy at BDD)
  • Vincent Fraisier (Platform Manager - Light Microscopy at Burg)
  • Patricia Le Baccon (Platform Manager - Light Microscopy at Pasteur)
  • Ilse Hurbain (Platform Manager - Electron Microscopy)

Chemical Library

  • Claire Beauvineau (Platform Manager)
  • Florence Mahuteau-Betzer (Scientific Director)
  • Frédéric Scmidt (Scientific Director)

CRISPR-based Genetic Screen

  • Aurélien Boré (interim Platform Manager)
  • Raphaël Margueron (Scientific Director)
  • Michel Wassef (Scientific Director)

Cytometry Orsay

  • Charlène Lasgi (Platform Manager)

Cytometry Paris

  • Coralie Guerin (Platform Manager)
  • Olivier Lantz (Scientific Director)

Experimental Radiotherapy

  • Frederic Pouzoulet (Platform Manager)


  • David Gentien (Platform Manager)


  • Sophie Leboucher (Platform Manager)
  • Carsten Janke (Scientific Director)
  • Stephan Vagner (Scientific Director)

In vivo experiments

  • Hélène Gautier (Platform Coordinator)

Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics Facility (IBiSA)

  • Damarys Loew (Platform Manager)

Metabolomics and Lipidomics Technological Platform

  • Julio Lopes Sampaio (Platform Manager)
  • Ludger Johannes (Scientific Director)
  • Pierre Léopold (Scientific Director)

Multimodal Imaging Centre – US43/UMS2016 – Orsay
Unit Director: Frédéric Coquelle

  • Marie-Noëlle Soler (Platform Manager - Pole Light Microscopy)
  • Sylvain Trepout (Platform Manager - Pole Electron Microscopy)
  • Ting-Di Wu (Platform Manager - Pole Ionic Microscopy))

Next Generation Sequencing (IBiSA)

  • Sylvain Baulande (Platform Manager)
  • Olivier Delattre (Scientific Director)
  • Alain Nicolas (Scientific Director)

    Pre-clinical investigation laboratory (LIP)

    • Didier Decaudin (Platform Manager)

      Protein Expression and Purification Core Facility

      • Ahmed El Marjou (Platform Manager)
      • Franck Perez (Scientific Director)

      Single Cell

      • Leïla Perie (Scientific Director)
      • Celine Vallot (Scientific Director)

      Therapeutic antibodies and recombinant antibodies

      • Sandrine Moutel (Platform Manager)
      • Franck Perez (Scientific Director)

      Curie CoreTech Coordinator
      Lavanya Premvardhan (2018 – ) Andrea Hutterer (2016 – 2017)