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Systems biology,
Molecular biology,

Bioengineering of microorganisms such as the baker's yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae for the bioproduction of recombinant proteins and high value-added compounds is becoming routine to produce diet supplements (vitamins), dyes (food and textile), industrial enzymes (bakery, cleaning), as well as drugs (antibiotics, insulin or vaccine components for instance). 

Yet the efficiency of this production method remains inherently limited by the metabolism of the cell where resources are allocated mostly to the production of biomass. This resource allocation trade-off therefore needs to be finely controled to maximize yields. 

In my PhD, I apply control theory principles to biological systems via optogenetics to control yeast metabolism and investigate factors impacting production versus growth. We develop tools to efficiently test the engineered strains in lab conditions and then to scale-up those control methods as close as we can to industrial-scale settings in the hope to unlock the full potential of such biotechnology.